Monday, 30 March 2015

Love....never was asked

He did not know happiness without her
He could only be happy with her
He felt lost and lonely when she wasn’t around
He couldn’t help but smile when she was around

He loved the sound of her laugh
He loved the birth mark on her neck
He loved the way she cried softly during movies in the theatre hall
He loved the sparkle that never left her eyeballs

While she,
She knew happiness even without him
She could be happy without him
She felt free and elated when he wasn’t around
A tinge of insecurity outlined her smile when he was around

She liked his voice but loved hers
She liked his honey colored hair but felt hers were better
She liked his crooked smile but could have never loved it
She liked his eyes but loved the face that was reflected from them

She never said she loved him
She always said-“We’re friends”
But as time passed
She did not act very much like one

He assumed she had fallen for him
But she hadn’t
He fell in love with her
But she didn’t

From the moment he saw her
He thought that she was the one
And it was until later
When he realized that she wasn’t

She kept saying-“We’re friends”
And he did not understand why?
As they did nothing of the sort as friends did
When he asked him she said frowning
“I do not want to be more than friends”
The answer to him seemed pretty dry

She broke up and said it was meant to be
He shouted, cried and hit an unknown street
There were many fish in the pond he thought
But none matched her elegance
She was special, he thought,
She was special, maybe, because he loved her

She adored him
She was fond of him
But with him she was just not sure
Of what she was sure with John
When he heard this he was shocked
She had never asked him to love
But he did anyways
He gave her all that he had
Even when she hadn’t asked
Now he is loathing in a corner
And she, living her life with another
I wonder whose fault is that.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

#My Experience

Dear friend, 

I recently observed a pattern in the blogs of my fellow blog mates. They usually write about their experiences in life. So I thought even i'll write about my experiences. One such event that i remember most clearly is reading the novel "The Perks of being a Wallflower". i don't know if anyone of you has read that novel but i don't care much about it. I have read this novel a hundred times ( hyperbole, learned in my English class) and it just seems to get better and better each time. Shocking right? Whenever i read this novel i can't help but feel infinite. The novel is written in a very simple language. That one thing that draws me into this novel is the honesty of the protagonist. He is one of the wisest characters i have ever encountered in the history of my novel reading career. The world from his eyes seems so beautiful. Sometimes i see a glimpse of me in Charlie(protagonist).  There comes a time in our lives when we all use thought not to participate in life. But in Charlie's case it is a way of life. As the novel progresses he tries to participate that is when he meets three people who truly change his life. He makes best friends for life. He becomes more social and tries to live his life like every other teenager. The book is about the challenges of being a teenager from the eyes of one. This book is a brilliant, outstanding, mind-blowing account of a teenager who tries to fit in. I won't tell you all about the book, for sure. I would suggest that you read the book for yourself, it'll be an awesome experience i can vouch for that.

Love always, 

Friday, 27 March 2015


Dear friend,

We all have that spark inside us. That one thing that makes us stand out in the crowd, that one thing that makes us unique and original. We need to find that missing sparkle that’ll make us shine as bright as the sun. Some people know their passions from the day they are born some need to find them. Finding may not be easy but it sure as hell is not difficult actually it is really fun. So get up, speak up and just do your thing for all would be completely fine. Never stop dreaming (not day dreaming) and have faith in yourself. Believe because that’s the most important thing of all. 

Love always,

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Something was eating his insides
Unaware of this truth he walked down the aisle
Considering himself and his manners the best of all
Exhibiting the classical demeanour of the aristocracy

Narcism ripping off his prudence
Vanity had shaken his wisdom
It had stripped him off his rationality
Trapping him in a maze of false pride
Forgotten he had his felicity

His eyes looked at the populace in disdain
Ostentation surrounded him from every corner
And it was not long before
His ego, he was not able to bear

In the pool of self importance
He had lost his near and dear
Affectation had vexed his nerves
Affliction which was unknown till now
Became a very close friend somehow

A huge county he may own
But its use was not known
As there lived no one he loved
Except his pompous soul

Lost in his thoughts he wondered
What had caused such turmoil?
That was when he reflected upon his selfish ways
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds
May fancy your psyche
People's praises may raise your stature high
But n'er should they turn you into
A conceited beast who receives
From the world hate, hate and only hate.....

Sunday, 8 March 2015

When the Past Calls……......

He lied on the lush grass
Contemplating about his life
 When he heard a melancholy song
That drew him in and like a fluid flowed in his mind

The words of the song reminded him of a past
That was now dead and forgotten
Hidden in a forbidden land
That no one sane dared to trespass

The plaintive song struck his heart strings hard
A lump formed in his throat
Making him cough hard
The tune started to sting ripping his ears
He felt as if blood was spurting out from within
Dysphoria wrapped around him like a venomous shroud
While he jerked in hysteric directions
Like a madman he shouted
Lord! Save me! Save me!

As the song came to a halt
He tried to regain his calm
Tears burned at the back of his eyes
Through excruciating pain
He remembered the words of the Psalm
“Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
I fear no evil, for you, are with me”
As he strengthened his resolve
Shoving away his dreaded past
And continued his lone journey
On an unknown, less travelled path

When the past calls
It makes him stumble and fall
Subtly poisoning his conscience
Inch by inch breaking his resilience
Making him dead and hollow
Through every passing mile
My Sins

O! My love, O! My sweet
I ask thou to slay me
For my sins have hurt thee
Allow my slaughtered body to lie in thy feet

Futile is my existence
I feel like a nonentity
As my unholy deeds
Have bruised not just one but many

I am the reason behind the tears
Which trickle down thine eyes
I am the one whose malice
Has caused this apocalyptic tide

O! My love, O! My sweet
Thy honey smooth skin
Is covered in blisters because of me
I beg thy sacred soul to rupture my grotesque heart!
And wing it in a far off sea