Sunday, 29 March 2015

#My Experience

Dear friend, 

I recently observed a pattern in the blogs of my fellow blog mates. They usually write about their experiences in life. So I thought even i'll write about my experiences. One such event that i remember most clearly is reading the novel "The Perks of being a Wallflower". i don't know if anyone of you has read that novel but i don't care much about it. I have read this novel a hundred times ( hyperbole, learned in my English class) and it just seems to get better and better each time. Shocking right? Whenever i read this novel i can't help but feel infinite. The novel is written in a very simple language. That one thing that draws me into this novel is the honesty of the protagonist. He is one of the wisest characters i have ever encountered in the history of my novel reading career. The world from his eyes seems so beautiful. Sometimes i see a glimpse of me in Charlie(protagonist).  There comes a time in our lives when we all use thought not to participate in life. But in Charlie's case it is a way of life. As the novel progresses he tries to participate that is when he meets three people who truly change his life. He makes best friends for life. He becomes more social and tries to live his life like every other teenager. The book is about the challenges of being a teenager from the eyes of one. This book is a brilliant, outstanding, mind-blowing account of a teenager who tries to fit in. I won't tell you all about the book, for sure. I would suggest that you read the book for yourself, it'll be an awesome experience i can vouch for that.

Love always, 

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