Monday, 12 January 2015


The burning heat made
Them sweat all night
And winters were soon to arrive
But separating the two was the fall
That plastered on her face a beautiful smile

When was a kid
She used to ask
 “Why do the leaves fall?
During the fall?”

Her granny said because
They want to kiss
The ground beneath
As it gave them some sort of bliss

She jumped on the leaves
Crunch! Crunch! The sound
Pushed her every gear
And like a packet full of energy
 She rolled all around without any care

A jolt of happiness
Always passed through her
Whenever she saw the autumn leaves
No matter what the condition be
All the sadness was taken away making her feel free

She loved the wind
That unlike winter wind did not sting
She danced and swayed to the windy beat
Autumn she often thought was nature’s treat

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