Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Beyond my reach

I stood there gazing at the sea,
Disconnected from the rest of the world,
Thinking where life had brought me-
Asking myself-Do I really belong here?

The feeling of belongingness, humph
Seems a foreign affair,
Now this realization has taken refuge deep inside me,
Making me feel hollow and empty;

The tiny waves tickle my feet,
As I stare hard at the sea-
Searching for answers to questions
That no one else would readily give me.

Whom should I complain?
And how many times would I?
As hardships have ailed me big time,
Of this predicament I have nothing much to say,

Young faces bubbling with joy,
Laughing and making sand castles;
A stronger wave comes and the castle is shattered,
But the wave doesn't stop the kids from making another,

Their energy makes me smile a little, a little
A newly-wed couple French kissing, French kissing
They made me feel jealous
Their happiness made me feel jealous.

Always dreamt of a beautiful life
But never did I get one,
Always tried to give in my best
But never did I get the best gift,

Tired I am of trying to pretend,
I cannot fake happiness
Happiness is something I always wanted to achieve,
But my efforts have always failed,
Leaving me with sadness,
The kind of sadness

That would last forever.