Monday, 12 January 2015

That Day

He was chasing the dragons in his dream
Where there were castles, princesses and a beautiful stream
Suddenly he heard his mother’s voice
And he had to wake up as he had no choice

His mother packed his lunch box
Asking him to put his tie and socks
He gulped his breakfast since he got up late
And had to rush, his father was waiting at the gate

He sat in the classroom preventing his eyelids from closing
And it was not long before he was dozing
Then a crashing sound was heard which made the students shout
Breaking young Rizwan’s sweet sleep, making him pout

Artless as he was he could not understand
When men with bullets started firing upon the lads
A Bullet pierced his friend Aayan’s body
Tears trickled down his cheeks as he squealed-“Mommy!”

His sweet face is now buried under the soil
Wrenching his family’s heart into a tiny coil
His laughter is gone only pain is left
For somebody else’s sins he had to pay the debt

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