Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Something was eating his insides
Unaware of this truth he walked down the aisle
Considering himself and his manners the best of all
Exhibiting the classical demeanour of the aristocracy

Narcism ripping off his prudence
Vanity had shaken his wisdom
It had stripped him off his rationality
Trapping him in a maze of false pride
Forgotten he had his felicity

His eyes looked at the populace in disdain
Ostentation surrounded him from every corner
And it was not long before
His ego, he was not able to bear

In the pool of self importance
He had lost his near and dear
Affectation had vexed his nerves
Affliction which was unknown till now
Became a very close friend somehow

A huge county he may own
But its use was not known
As there lived no one he loved
Except his pompous soul

Lost in his thoughts he wondered
What had caused such turmoil?
That was when he reflected upon his selfish ways
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds
May fancy your psyche
People's praises may raise your stature high
But n'er should they turn you into
A conceited beast who receives
From the world hate, hate and only hate.....

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