Friday, 9 October 2015


He said-“Drink!”
So I drank the thick syrup he gave
At first it was sweet but slowly it turned bitter
But I did not mind
Because my love for him was insanely blind
Every day he brought that drink with him
Garnished with his charming smile
His smile by dusk turned into a miscreant one
Filling the night with my shrill cries
By dawn he’d say I’m his kryptonite;
Overly exaggerated affection, disguised neatly
Laced lies and promises as hollow as god’s O
Would play in his favor every time
Slowly, subtly he poisoned my spirit
At first with the thick sweet richness
Of his seductive voice which
Turned into a sadistic hungry howl by twilight
I surrendered myself to his evil ways
As the disparaging grew stronger each day
I found myself in a cage whose key
I myself had smashed far away

Like a slave I served my master
And like a leech he bled me dry
Now nothing is left of me
I’m just another shadow that
Wanders under the open sky

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