Saturday, 21 February 2015


Tears of happiness filled his eyes
He felt like the happiest man alive
When he saw the tiny body of his son
His delicate face made his heart burst

Burst into eternal bliss
As today he was blessed
With the best gift
That God could ever give

He shouted all about the streets
"Annabeth! I'm a father" He exclaimed as he passed Dunken's Eatery
"Ricky! Did you hear I’m a father?"
He screamed, shrieked and shouted in joy as if he had reached infinity

But the doctors revealed something bitter
That made him shiver
A fatal heart disease his son had acquired
On hearing this, his soul was on fire

He tried his best
Consulted every doctor in town
He prayed all day and night
But the prayers couldn't save his son from dying

His heart sank deep
All that he could do now was weep
He felt half dead
With pain seeping in his body every second

A year has passed now
But the wound is still fresh somehow
As he sheds a tear almost everyday
Asking Lord "Why couldn't my son stay?"

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