Monday, 12 January 2015


She walked alone
Under the moonlight
And suddenly stopped
Seeing those eyes

Filled with hunger
And lust they were
Wild, so wild…….
Making her blood cuddle

The eyes now took full
Form, of a deadly creature
Half-human and half werewolf
Advancing towards her

The evil beast pounced on her
Filling the night with her shriek
It grabbed her wrist
And clasped her waist
A satin scarlet line trickling
Down her figure, sleek

It bit her neck releasing
All his venom and pain
Pleasure engulfed her body
Numbing her heart, muscles and brain

The bond was formed
Now she was one of them
With all the bright emotions gone….
She saw it grin
And her heart doth sink
Every day since that twilight

Alas! Had she not ignored
The warnings of the supernatural
The curse would not have befallen
Changing her life forever
But not for better

There seemed nothing
She could do now
But her mind clicked
And she knew somehow
How to end this immortal alliance
That was in no way a trustworthy reliance

She remembered the old tarot
Card reader’s words
“To break the curse of the pharaoh
You need to make a decision
That you might not be able to swallow……

The card reader paused and stared
Then continued with her flair
For predicting the future
Which was known scarce?

“The heart of the chieftain
Must be brought
To the mountain top
On a crescent moon night
By sharp 12 ‘o’ clock”

But the fate was ill
As long back the chieftain had been killed
And the one nominated for this post
Was the one for whom she was the host

That crescent moon night
It was named the leader of the clan
It was happy and rejoiced
But her eyes could only
See in it an evil sham

Anger raged inside her
She had to fight the pernicious disease
She could not wait anymore
She wanted a release

It was right there smiling
Its cocky smile, gripping her in
As if it knew somehow that
Inside she was crying

It was no more a wolf but a human
For it was no more IT but HIM
Moving towards her
In slow motion

His face sculpted to perfection
Was highlighted in the twilight
But that did nothing to change her perception
About him since that daunting night

His eyes had a glint
As the words slipped
Out of his lips
That went down piercing
Her heart that was once
Changed by him
Into an empty rug

“I love you” were the magical words
Making her world swivel
Oh Lord! Those words
They made her tremble

She dropped the dagger
On the ground
And pressed her lips
Against his mouth
And the nimbus cloud
That circled around
 Leaving everyone astound

Sunlight hovered above them
Breaking the curse to stem
Light conquered darkness
Clearing the mess
If it wasn’t for her humanity
That hadn’t died
Making her one of a kind……..


  1. Awesome poem!
    Beautifully written, expeditiously described.. gripping, enchanting, breath-taking, simply amazing!
    Just the type I need! XP I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv it!! :D

  2. Thank you!!!!!! I got inspiration from all the dark vampire novels we read :)