Monday, 8 December 2014


Smiling, laughing, jumping
Beaming with extravagant light
He ran through the meadows hoping
That his father would take him to the Wonder Park tonight

But his father couldn't make it
Since he had a night shift
And little Jimmy couldn't resist
His innocent tears from dripping

He tried hard to pull his tears in
But they shamelessly slipped
His mother patted his back asking him
To be a strong guy
As according to her and this Utopian world
“Boys don’t cry”

Young Jimmy walked with a sore eye to his house
After getting bullied by Big Barry Fry
His father asked him to man up and stop being a mouse
As according to him and many a folks alike
“Boys don’t cry”

He smashed the ball into the goal
Leading his team to victory
And flung into his father’s arms
Wishing to achieve his sympathy

Adolescent years passed by
Times came which made him want to cry
But he had to hide his tears
As according to this ideal world
“Boys don’t cry”

Time passed
His dreams did shatter ripping him apart
Devastation gripped him breaking his heart
But still he pulled his tears back
He had to try!
Because according to this flawless world
“Boys don’t cry”

The summer of ’59 brought him lady luck
But who knew, innocent Jimmy
Had turned into an evil schmuck
Bruising his wife to death
Gave him eternal peace and rest
Making up for all those wet moments
which were supposed to be dry?
as now even according to him 
"Boys don't cry" 


  1. It's so emotional... The way you write is beautiful and gripping at the same time....
    And the last stanza, man, it nearly brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Thanks! CopyCat Dee i am glad you liked it....