Thursday, 20 November 2014

Unfairness of life
“Challenges are like trees seen from a running train. As you approach them they grow bigger; once you pass them, they grow smaller.”
Life sometimes does not turn out the way we plan it, actually I have started believing that it never turns out the way we plan it. Of all the people I have met I know not a single soul who got what they deserved. Look at my father he wanted to be an engineer but where did he land ‘government’. My mom wanted a bank job but she is a housewife and forever will be. Life is sometimes very unfair for the ordinary. Ordinary people do not have all the privileges, you see. But then again we have exceptions. Sometimes exceptions make you feel frustrated because you don’t have a life like them. I have met people who don’t like watching TV and celebrities because it makes them feel bad about their own life. Can you believe it? I mean who doesn't like TV and celebrities. But I don’t think any of this should stop you from trying actually it should make you reach out harder for your dreams. I think it is not necessary that you set high goals and stuff; I think you should do your own thing. You should try and enjoy life as much as you can. My parents always say that you should study like tomorrow is the last day of your life but I believe that you should do whatever you want to do in a day, live it like it’s your last day alive. Tell me, are you going to waste your time studying on your last day alive. I don’t think you should. Challenges are a part of life. I know that all these sayings say that you should face every challenge with a smile but I think it’s just not possible. (You can’t smile when your life’s on the verge of drowning, comic note) But I think you can definitely use your brain and try and get out of the mess that you have created or maybe someone else. There is no escape from life. “Cowards die many times before their death” cowardice sucks. Be brave and strong, even if you’re not any of these ‘pretend’. Look at life like a book. Would you enjoy a book without any mystery, adventure, romance, drama, heartbreak and thrill, I guess not. So the same goes with your life. Life is unfair, I know, but look at the perks. Happiness lies in every corner and so do tears face the facts and let go.     


  1. Awh.. so inspiring and motivational.. loved it!

    P.S.: "I have met people who don’t like watching TV and celebrities because it makes them feel bad about their own life." Referring to me, eh? :P

  2. Noahahaha i wasn't referring to u. You watch tv and u like celebrities but it's so funny that it made u think that way xD and u know exactly what it made me think. Thanx anyways